One day in Montpelier, a state official was angry at me for something (I cannot remember exactly what) and before storming off, they said I was ‘too earnest to be a state legislator’…

Hmm, too earnest to be a state legislator? What does that mean?

Here’s what the dictionary said:[adjective] 1. serious in intention, purpose, or effort; sincerely zealous:
an earnest worker.
2. showing depth and sincerity of feeling:
earnest words; an earnest entreaty.
3. seriously important; demanding or receiving serious attention.[noun] 4. full seriousness, as of intention or purpose:
to speak in earnest.

These descriptions describe my personality. I am not part of the partying crowd in Montpelier; instead, I go to work. My purpose is to help solve problems for my constituents. More than once I have been scolded for missing political party meetings because I was at the statehouse trying to defeat another tax increase. Citizens representing all of our Vermont political parties come to me with questions about state revenue, even administration officials, because they know I have the correct answer, or know where to get it. I stay focused so I can be ready to support our state of Vermont.

The most important work for me in Montpelier is ensuring constituents that their voices are heard. Often my work is the only voice they have in the workings of our state government.

The official who snapped at me did not mean it as a compliment; but, being ‘too earnest to be a state legislator’ is something of which I am very proud.

If you want someone earnest, hardworking and honest, serving as your Senator in Montpelier, vote for me. I will always do my best.

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Carolyn Branagan
Franklin District Senate Candidate

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