Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day is always a happy time in my household. The start of summer, my husband always has the day off, usually our first barbecue occurs and we make a trip down to the cemetery to plant flowers. I always call my sister early that day because I know she has a barbecue planned [...]

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On the last day of the legislative session, the legislature voted to push back the date when the GMO law will be enforced. The Vermont Attorney General’s Office said that until the beginning of 2017, manufacturers will not be liable for failing to label products on store shelves if those products were distributed before [...]

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Vermont Veterans’ Home

More northern Vermont Veterans should be familiar with the fine service and care offered by the Vermont Veterans' Home in Bennington, Vermont. Recently I have been working with other legislators to make sure the Vermont Veterans' Home in Bennington is provided with the support and resources it needs to continue providing best of class [...]

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