Legalizing Marijuana (LttE)

[Letter to the Editor (LttE)] I am planning to vote against the proposal to legalize marijuana now in the Vermont House of Representatives. It came over to us from the Senate about ten days ago. Here are some of the reasons why I think I should vote no: Research completed by the American Academy [...]

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October Revenue (LttE)

[Letter to the Editor (LttE)] The Joint Fiscal Committee met last week at the statehouse to hear fiscal reports from state officials and review income to the state for the first third of the fiscal year. The General Fund, while below expectation for the month of October, is slightly ahead for the year. I [...]

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Small Farm Certification (LttE)

[Letter to the Editor (LttE)] The Agency of Agriculture held an interesting meeting Tuesday morning at the Bliss auditorium in the Historical Society building in Saint Albans. The discussion topic was the Required Agricultural Practices Regulations for the Agricultural Non-point Source Pollution Control Program. The Agency is trying to solicit feedback from Vermonters all [...]

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Assaulting A Nurse (LttE)

[Letter to the Editor (LttE)] I've had several people call asking about the penalty in Vermont for assault of a nurse. Many were concerned after reading about the new law in New York that makes it a felony. There has been concern over our medical workers and other emergency medical personnel in Vermont for a long [...]

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September Joint Fiscal Meeting (LttE)

[Letter to the Editor (LttE)] At this week's Joint Fiscal Committee meeting, legislators heard that the revenue receipts so far in fiscal year 2016 are giving no hints as to what the rest of the year will be like.  So with predictions hard to make, I'll focus on just the facts. Overall revenues so [...]

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