Fiscal Update

Last week's Joint Fiscal Committee meeting was an interesting one; filled with updates, facts and numbers of all kinds. It is too early in the fiscal year to get a good trend line for incoming revenue, but there were some continuing issues showing up in the first two months of the fiscal year (July [...]

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The Importance of Being Earnest

One day in Montpelier, a state official was angry at me for something (I cannot remember exactly what) and before storming off, they said I was 'too earnest to be a state legislator'… Hmm, too earnest to be a state legislator? What does that mean? Here's what the dictionary said: [adjective] 1. serious in [...]

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General Election 2016 Information

Hi folks! I am getting questions about voting in the General Election. So, I have checked with the Secretary of State's office and also with my local Town Clerk Laurie in Georgia. Here's the scoop: The General Election is scheduled for Tuesday November 8th. Most communities with have voting start at 7 am, and [...]

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August 9th Primary Election Statement

The Primary Election Day is scheduled for August 9th. Like every voting day, this one is extremely important. I am running for one of the two senate seats in the Franklin District. I have just finished the 14th year of service in the Vermont House of Representatives; that is 7 terms representing my home town [...]

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Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day is always a happy time in my household. The start of summer, my husband always has the day off, usually our first barbecue occurs and we make a trip down to the cemetery to plant flowers. I always call my sister early that day because I know she has a barbecue planned [...]

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On the last day of the legislative session, the legislature voted to push back the date when the GMO law will be enforced. The Vermont Attorney General’s Office said that until the beginning of 2017, manufacturers will not be liable for failing to label products on store shelves if those products were distributed before [...]

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2016 Vermont Senate Campaign Announcement!

As many of you know I am planning to run for the Vermont State Senate in the General Election this fall. Petitions have to be in by the end of May. I have petitions out at the: Town Clerk's Office Center Market Georgia Elementary & Middle School Georgia Public Library Please stop by one [...]

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Legalizing Marijuana (LttE)

[Letter to the Editor (LttE)] I am planning to vote against the proposal to legalize marijuana now in the Vermont House of Representatives. It came over to us from the Senate about ten days ago. Here are some of the reasons why I think I should vote no: Research completed by the American Academy [...]

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